Do you enjoy being a part of an amazing race while giving back to your community? Come volunteer for the Grit OCR Crew as an official team member. We are looking for good people who would like to help make this an amazing race experience. If you are first time rookie, a seasoned pro, or somewhere between, we welcome you to join the race crew.


By volunteering, you will earn FREE entry credit to the next Grit OCR at East Walker Ranch or Mountain High or any of our California based sister races. Volunteers can not sign up to volunteer and run on the same race day. If you have earned a credit previously you can run and are welcome to volunteer for either race day.



The following positions are available:

  • Announcer
  • Course Obstacle Stations
  • Course Aid Stations
  • Course Set-Up
  • Finisher Food and Water
  • Gear Drop
  • Medical First-Aid
  • Merchandise Booths
  • Obstacle Build Crew
  • Parking & Bus Crew
  • Photographer
  • Videographer/Drone
  • Registration / Check-In
  • Security
  • Staging Setup
  • Staging Breakdown
  • Start/Finish Line Management
Grit OCR


To volunteer simply complete the form below. Together with your support, we will create an amazing race experience for everyone, thank you for the support and being a part of the awesome race crew!


If you have questions or are experiencing technical problems please do not hesitate to contact us.


Huge thank you to our race crew volunteers. We have the deepest sense of honor and gratitude for everything you did to help create an awesome race experience for everyone that came in touch with Grit OCR. This event would not have been possible without your efforts and contributions. It really does take a village to make something great. Hands down the best team of volunteers we have ever worked with, we hope to work with you again for a future race!

2022 CREW
  • Aj Ordona
  • Alejandro De La Torre
  • Andrea Kibler
  • Andreana Menesez +2
  • Ann Marchesan
  • Anthony Perez
  • Ashlyn Roth
  • Austin Roth
  • Ava Escalante
  • Ben Oxanadaboure
  • Brandon Abrian
  • Brent Parrino
  • Brian Edwards
  • Brittnie Pineda
  • Byron Moore
  • Charity Pierce
  • Charlie Escalante
  • Cheron Browning
  • Christie Edwards
  • Cindy Castillo
  • Danny Alejo
  • David Huckle
  • David Simon
  • David Kibler
  • Dean Harvey
  • Delia Herrera
  • Dylan Plante
  • Eliza Purnell
  • Emma Parvizi
  • Eric Ayers
  • Gavyn Alletto
  • Gerard Martinez
  • Gerry Saucedo
  • Grant Roth
  • Hank Owens
  • Hannah Roth
  • Harrison Himes
  • Holly Baez
  • Indra Lopez
  • Jackelin Adame
  • James Mitchell
  • Jason Ponoroff
  • Jennifer Abrian
  • Jessica Calhoun
  • Jim Day
  • John Mancilla
  • Jolene Quier
  • Jonathan Abrian
  • Josh Gomez
  • Josh Patterson
  • Karalyn Karna Tiengerd
  • Katherine Marsh
  • Keren Redondo
  • Kristianna Parra
  • Kristin Drawbert
  • Linda Tran
  • Linh Lu
  • Lisbet Miller
  • Liz Fuentes
  • Lizet Lara De Nova
  • Marcie Oxandaboure
  • Marianne Simon
  • Marie Scherb
  • Mark Juloya
  • Maryam Mysorewala
  • Micaela Hines
  • Michelle Newell
  • Michelle Antrobus
  • Michelle Salcedo
  • Miriam Fregoso
  • Mitzi Guadarrama
  • Patti Miller
  • Phillip Park
  • Ramon Lafuente
  • Roy Norda
  • Royan Herman
  • Run Fu Cai
  • Ryan Riborozo
  • Samantha Scalise
  • Shadow
  • Sheila Sweet
  • Sheny Espino
  • Stephanie Ruiz-Perez
  • Stephanie Ayers
  • Stephanie Viramontes
  • Tasha Riley
  • Theo Steele
  • Trevor Hendrickson
  • Van Ha
  • Vanessa Vargas
  • Vicky Eduwiges Loera
  • Vivianne Nalangan
  • Wendy Kojima
  • William Whitelock
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Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.

Booker T. Washington