Headquartered in Southern California, Grit OCR is an endurance event organization dedicated to making life-changing experiences through challenging endurance events for anyone who is looking to push themselves to the next level of their lives. We are passionate, committed, and creative folks who enjoy being healthy and sharing great experiences together.


To create great obstacle race experiences that provide runners, athletes, and everyday people with a unique one-of-a-kind experience that challenges and pushes you to dig deep with a bit of suffering to get to that finish line. It is about the journey you go through and how it shapes you to become a better person.  It's also about sharing that journey with others, be it with strangers on the course, friends, or your teammates, pushing and helping each other to get through the challenges and make through to the finish line. You will develop a bond that builds trust, compassion, and grit as you experiencing our races.

Our commitment is to the people participating in our events. Be it the runners, spectators, support crew, sponsors, or volunteers. Always asking ourselves “How will this impact the experience?”, the outcome has to be positive or we won’t do it. Every touch point is an opportunity to do something great that represents the brand and contributes to making a unique experience. It is never worth it to settle for average when you can lead by example to do it great.

We strive to make these experiences as seamless as possible so runners can focus on what they do best, run and take on the challenges ahead of them. Seeing the pain, relief, and smile on their face as they cross the finish line, that is why we do this. Thank you for being a part of our race experiences.



Grit OCR is founded by Antonio and Malorie Alletto, who have a strong passion for obstacle course racing (OCR) and want to bring people a challenging race experience that leaves a positive impact on peoples lives.

The Grit OCR events come from a partnership with New Global Adventures and Grit OCR to bring you an amazing obstacle course racing experience unlike any other.

New Global Adventures is founded by Terry and Jenny Majamaki who have a passion for running and creating a variety of unique endurance races including VALENCIA Trail Race, SPACEROCK Trail Race, Sugar Daddy Half Marathon, Silver Moon Race and more.

Combined it creates a great marriage where New Global Adventures brings the awesome race organization and marketing expertise and Grit OCR brings the challenging obstacles, together we are creating a race experience that you will never forget and you'll be a better person by going through the experiences.

Grit OCR Team


Learn more about how Antonio and Malorie discovered obstacle course racing and why we are creating these events for you.



MAY 4, 2024



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I love that the challenges you'll face during an OCR are unlike any other race. Everyone has a reason why they race...and you can see that on the course. You'll see people band together to accomplish a goal and it's beautiful to be apart of that and to witness it firsthand.

Emma Parvizi