Ready to take it to the next level? Challenge yourself by wearing a weighted ruck (backpack or special vest with weights) throughout the entire race. Designed to test your strength and push you harder to earn the reward of finishing with that extra weight.

Those who sign up for the Ruck Division and finish the race with a weighted ruck will earn the coveted Ruck Division patch.  Each year the patch is unique with different designs or colors. See all past Ruck Division patches on the swag page. Grab your ruck and earn the coveted Grit OCR Ruck Division patch after finishing.

Recommended 30lb for men, 20lb for women. The Ruck Division is for General entry only, Competitive entries are not allowed to keep the competition fair for all competitors.

Simply choose to add Ruck Division to your entry when registering. If you are already registered, submit a request via our contact page to have Ruck Division added to your entry.

Below is a list of all Ruck Division members who participated in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023, and are registered to run in 2024 with a ruck, this page will continue to update as Ruck Division members register to run the race.


The list below is sorted by First Name by default, you can sort or use the search box to filter to a specific name.

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Below are special patches given to Ruck Division runners who race Grit OCR with a weighted ruck or vest.

2024 PATCH

2024 Ruck Division Patch

2023 PATCH

2023 Ruck Division Patch

2022 PATCH

2022 Ruck Division

2021 PATCH

2021 Ruck Division Patch

2020 PATCH

2020 Ruck Division


In addition to earning a medal at the finish line, participants can earn these limited patches to showcase their incredible achievement and Grit OCR legacy.

2024 2-Race Bonus Tag


To qualify & earn:
Register for both Claw & Fang races and finish each race on the same day.


To qualify & earn:
Must have run in at least one year from 2023-2018 and register as a returning participant in 2024.

View Legacy Club page.


To qualify & earn:
Add-on Ruck Division when registering for General race entry, run with a weighted ruck and finish. Recommended 30lb for men, 20lb for women.

View Ruck Division page.

If you are already registered and need to add-on these patch options please contact us to help get you set up.


Each year we come up with the best medals, shirts, and patches in the industry. Always expect unique designs and themes that are badass with lots of wow factor to show off your Grit OCR achievement.


We are currently accepting applications for 2024 sponsors and vendors. Grow your business as an official race sponsor today.

This was the most fun I've had at a race in my last year of racing. Participating in the first official ruck division I've seen at a race was a game changer.

David V.