June 9, 2022
Grit OCR: Mt. High Canceled


Grit Family,

About 2-years ago we were thrilled to announce a new event location at the Mountain High resort in Wrightwood, California. It’s an event that we envisioned to become a landmark race, one that was already being compared to the other races at Big Bear and Tahoe but with the signature grit experience.

We always believed that if we build it, then the people will come. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen that way for Mt. High.

While there has been some support with people registering for the Mt. High race, it has been a fraction when compared to our East Walker Ranch location. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to justify the massive undertaking to host there.

We are heartbroken as we have poured so much effort and work into planning and preparing to bring this new location to life. Yet, we can’t force it, a race lives on registrations to provide the revenue that is required to host it, and the demand is not there.

This is a very difficult decision for us, we know many will be disappointed, but at the same time, we need to be completely honest with everyone. We are not a large corporation that has the capital to shift around, we are a local organization of four people that are passionate about creating the best race experiences we can. Each of our races operates to be positive and sustainable.

We believe in this brand, in this company and in all of you. We look at our numbers as a direct line to what the OCR community wants to see from us. We read your messages and talk to you on race day. We heard you and we will continue to listen.

For now, we will focus on our East Walker Ranch location, with our dedication, passion, and grit to bring you the best OCR experience we can. Our goal for 2023 is to have our biggest event to date.

To those who have already registered and shown your support, thank you so much. We feel terrible about this, yet we refuse to sacrifice the quality of our races. What happens to your Grit OCR: Mt. High registration? All entries are automatically rolled over to the Grit OCR: East Walker Ranch location into the Claw race on April 29, 2023, no action is needed on your part. You will receive a new confirmation email soon. However, we understand the new date may conflict for some, the following options are available:

  • Defer to 2024 Grit OCR: East Walker Ranch
  • Forgo your entry to receive 50% credit towards any New Global Adventures race in California within the next year

If you are registered and not able to make the new date, then please contact us to request one of these options.

Our team's passion for creating the best race experience for everyone is also paralleled by hosting them successfully, failure is not an option we believe in, we overcome our challenges and plan on success. We won’t host a race if it does not meet our standards.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding and support. Please know that while this is a loss, we aren’t going anywhere.

Until then… stay strong, stay safe, we look forward to seeing all of you in 2023.

Antonio, Malorie, Terry, and Jenny

Grit OCR Team

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